EnerGNaturals Expands Line of Natural Health and Wellness Supplements

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) 22 November 2012

EnerGNaturals, a leading provider of natural health supplements, is pleased to expand its line of non-prescription health products proclaim a brain include dietary supplements, hair supplements and female libido enhancers. The introduction of new products comes only three months after the companys introduction of omega-3, a pharmaceutical maximum strength supplement with a high concentration of essential fatty acids (EFA). The line originally began with + energy to supplement energy that is the trusted solution for burnout has thousands of satisfied customers have come to trust.

Each of the new products is clinically proven to provide exceptional benefits, without the side effects often associated with prescription drugs. Clarity Complex provides nutrition to the brain to improve cognitive function, improve memory and prevent age-related cognitive decline. FollicShield provides effective food for the hair in order to strengthen the follicles, stimulate growth and prevent hair loss. Revive is an all-natural libido enhancement solution for women, formulated to increase energy and sex drive to keep it strong, healthy and pleasant.

EnerGNaturals line offers smart choices for women looking for non-prescription solutions for better health and improved quality of life. To extensive studies could EnerGNaturals most effective herbal remedies and combine them into a perfect all-inclusive line suited to address the unique concerns of the modern woman.

For more information, please visit http://www.EnerGNaturals.com.

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based in St. Petersburg, Florida, EnerGNaturals is a leading provider of natural health products throughout North America. Your additions are with the highest quality ingredients that are formulated considering all clinically proven efficacy. Your current line contains an energy supplement for burnout and high potency Omega-3 supplement. Especially EnerGNaturals is to help their clients dedicated to the restoration of health, vitality and happiness for the body, mind and soul. http://www.EnerGNaturals.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EnerGNaturals

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EnerGNaturals

Announcement natural formulas for allergies by Dr. Dales Wellness Center

Ventura, CA (PRWEB) 12 September 2012

The shocking truth about allergies!

constant stream of allergy medication commercials in the media vying for our attention and dollars is the guide that most people use to treat allergy symptoms. What happens if these guidelines is incorrect and the drug has side effects? In all these media hype, I’ll bet she never known that phenols are a cause of allergies. In fact, the underlying hidden causes of allergies, sensitivities and intolerances phenols, a natural part of any plant or chemical. Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP has, safe, non-toxic homeopathic formulas specifically formulated for the classifications of allergies in this article. These four non-addictive revolutionary formulas combine several plants and foods affect phenols produce a wide range of every type of allergen. Its just common sense to use homeopathic preparations of phenolic compounds, to persons who desensitize not only reduces or eliminates seasonal allergic reactions;. You can also use a long-term effect

The Facts About Allergy Medication?

It is no surprise that over-the-counter antihistamines we can snooze at work, but sleepiness is not the only side effect of allergy medicine. His well-researched, that the side effects low libido, increased appetite, altered taste and smell, long-term health problems, infertility in women, anxiety, cognitive impairment and depression. However, does the intensity of side effects from person to person. To make matters worse, these products do not cure or shorten the length of the common cold and may cause serious side effects. For example, the brand name for the drug fexofenadine where infants and children experienced hives, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue / drowsiness, coughing, or infections of the upper respiratory tract. Why take a drug that has side effects if help is now using natural homeopathic AllerCyl? In addition, its safe for both adults and children.

phenols are the cause of all allergies??????? ?????

There is an ample amount of research on phenols, but let’s get to it from the beginning, just the basics. ? Dr. Robert Gardner, Ph.D. (Professor of Animal Science at Brigham Young University and widely considered the father of modern phenols) as well as other researchers found that phenolic compounds that occur naturally in plants, animals and humans as well as in man-made chemicals, are involved in many chronic health problems.

most phenols are aromatic, which means that they have a benzene ring in their chemical structure. Phenols give the flavor, color and / or odor to food, environmental substances and artificial chemicals. Phenols are a large number of many foods, and improve people from food sensitivities or intolerances only partially, if they only use the elimination diets (eliminating these specific foods) and / or rotation diets alone.

The use of homeopathic preparations of phenolic compounds to desensitize people not only reduces or eliminates reactions to food sensitivities, they also have a longer effect. Originally phenols were first for desensitizing people with food allergies and allergies to elements in the environment used (eg, seasonal allergies, dust, mold, perfumes, etc.). Dr. Theresa Dale formulated homeopathic phenolic desensitization products used a series called AllerCyl to help people with multiple food, pollen and other intolerances. Also can be used as the phenolic compounds in the proteins / amino acids forming substances such as histamine, serotonin, tyramine, and dopamine, desensitization individuals the offending phenolic worsen also be found to solve health problems associated with imbalances in the individual hormones and neurotransmitters production. Some phenols by endocrine-disrupting chemicals in consumer products such as bisphenol A and hormones such as estradiol. Caused found

desensitizing with revolutionary formulas!

The key to homeopathic desensitization neutralizing the body’s immune reaction to the substance, whether it is food, grasses, animal dander or pollen.

desensitization of phenolic compounds either AllerCyl Food # 1 or # 2, or AllerCyl Breathe AllerCyl Airborn was helpful in treating many ailments and symptoms, from acne to vertigo.

Five classification of allergic sensitivities

There are five “allergy classifications” of the patient’s symptoms as described below.

The first classification is “food allergies” that are not seasonal. Symptoms vary and are huge, such as itching, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and swelling, to name a few.

The next classification “Seasonal pollen allergies.” A good description for this classification is seasonal pollen allergies, but the rest of the year to feel pretty good. Symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, coughing, asthma, sinus, and wheezing.

“Chemical Sensitivity” is a further classification and includes a variety of symptoms from exposure to perfume, gasoline, fabric softener, MSG or other preservatives, chemicals in food, tobacco smoke and other chemicals, but no symptoms of pollen or food.

course, there are patients with “combination” of pollen, food and chemical allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. The symptoms are an infinite number of symptoms and combinations. In severity from person to person

Now the last classification “universal reactors” is. Patients are described as organic / environmentally sensitive or ill. Symptoms of other health problems with their severe allergies and sensitivities to pollen, foods and chemicals are combined.

The solution helps allergies is to determine the source of the allergy and then a homeopathic treatment. For more information, please visit Dr. Theresa Dale Wellness Center.

Health Professionals and all other inquiries welcome.

For more information, call Theresa Dale office at (800) 219 1261st

Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP

Founder, The Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc.

Dean, California College of Natural Medicine

Pain Relief Products Made from Natural Elements Now Available From All Natural Health and Wellness Company True Healthy Products

(PRWEB) February 15, 2012

Natural health and wellness company, True Healthy Products, has a new approach to pain relief in the form of heat or cold pads made from a naturally thermal ceramic compound. The product is now available for purchase at the companys online store and storefront.

Information on the companys Thermionics heat and cold pads are available at the companys web site: http://www.truehealthyproducts.com/products/health-wellness/thermionics.

Thermionics offers two treatment options that are perfectly tailored to deliver soothing, deep penetrating, and therapeutic relief for a wide variety of pain discomforts such as arthritis, sports injuries, muscle pain, joint stiffness, menstrual cramps and headaches. The Thermibeads administer moist heat, whereas the Thermipaqs can be used for hot or cold relief.

It works really good, both hot and cold. I take it in the car and put it on my back as I drive. It helps eliminate stiffness, says actual user JoAnn of Phoenix, AZ.

The packs use a blend of all-natural, ceramic clay and environmentally safe non-toxic oils, and come with a removable cloth cover that can be washed and reused.

Wow! I got this product home, and within 3 minutes of application my pain is already being relieved! I like the fact that Im not creating unnecessary waste because unlike other products, yours is reusable, says actual user Shari of San Leandro, CA.

The company is now offering the Thermionics pain relief pads online at at http://www.truehealthyproducts.com. The company also has a storefront located in Merritt Island Florida and offers telephone support at 888-400-2920, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

True Healthy Products is dedicated to offering the best service with a wide range of natural products such as healthy dark chocolate, HCG diet programs, all natural sports nutrition products, organic skin care and whole food vitamin supplements.

To learn more about other nutritional products offered by the company, visit their website at http://www.truehealthyproducts.com

Toll Free: 888-400-2920

True Healthy Products

2460 N Courtenay Parkway, #210

Merritt Island, FL 32953

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Veria.com Relaunches As the ultimate health and wellness destination online

New York, NY (PRWEB) 27 January 2012

Veria Living, a leading media companies around the exhibition and related programming wellness lifestyle content, re-launched its website http://www.veria.com, the ultimate destination for everything health and wellness, of pregnancy and parenthood in a healthy diet, to yoga and fitness. The site features six separate channels, each having a different area of ​​health and wellness with articles, videos, localized tools and advice from experts at the top of their fields. Is updated with new content and video on every day, there Veria.com its users the best possible information, as they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Veria.com channels include:

Pregnancy & Parenting taking a more holistic approach to pregnancy and parenthood is something to explore what more would-be parents. The pregnancy and parenting channel includes a month by month pregnancy guide and advise you on prenatal care, morning sickness relief with natural remedies, healthy diet feeding, delicious, organic baby food and much more. The channel also offers parents and baby yoga videos and baby feeding tips to transition from breast to bottle to get young children to try new foods.

Healthy eating Veria.com’s Healthy Eating section has everything you need to make careful choices in foods, and following through healthy choices. The channel includes healthy tips, tools and recipes with simple ideas gluten free, diabetic diet information, not milk diets, vegetarian and vegan diet recipes, healthy snacks for kids and more. Users can also learn about the latest news articles about healthy eating, healthy food through local events and watch short videos with diet tips and recipes.

The Yoga & Fitness Yoga & Fitness section for new and experienced practitioners alike will find comprehensive information about yoga, the history and the different types, how to apply yoga for every lifestyle milestone taste of fitness during pregnancy to flexibility in high school. Users can learn about the different types of hatha yoga – Ashtanga (aka astanga), Iyengar and Bikram and find guidance, articles, features and videos to help integrate yoga into their daily lifestyle. The channel is also a tool to find yoga classes on site and offers practical tips for dealing with the yoga equipment, yoga mat as a DIY cleaning.

Healing The Healing section of Veria.com could be many things, naturopathy, complementary medicine, integrative medicine, alternative medicine, natural medicine, holistic healing and ayurveda, as there are many ways to the concept of the label are healing. This channel is to enable readers with news, information and tools to make informed decisions about alternative medicine and naturopathy. The site includes a tutorial for beginners in naturopathy, a Holistic Practitioners Guide to the nationwide list of natural healing professionals including massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths and other wellness professionals, an AZ of health Finder quickly look up the definitions of various of health conditions from abdominal pain to yeast infections, and a homeopathic medicine finder.

Herbs & Supplements Veria.com a whole channel on herbs and supplements devoted to clarity about herbal medicine with news, information, tools and videos provide. The website contains a wealth of information about nutrition and dietary supplements with information about benefits and side effects, and provides tools such as a herbal remedy and vitamin consultant, more information about interactions, use and information about how each supplement works to keep you offer healthy.

health Healthy Home Home The channel offers the latest information and tips on various topics such as non-toxic household cleaning products, home spa treatments, feng shui, natural cosmetics, natural acne treatment, natural hair and skin care and natural products for your pets. The site offers articles, news, videos, and tools that enable users to create a healthy home make

About Veria Living.:

Veria Living is a leading media company, to issue wellness programming and related content in the United States and beyond. Led by its forward-looking Veria living and Veria.com distribution platforms, the privately held company, headquartered in New York, the world’s largest line-up the first run, original programming, audience joins in a timely and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle. In the U.S., the Veria Network Living primarily on DISH Network (Channel 218), Verizon FiOS (Channel 162) and Frontier Communications (channel 162). Veria.com extends the network by extending the Veria philosophy practiced by online recipes and nutrition, holistic health tips, body-mind conditioning and all-natural products. Embracing its mission, Veria living passionately advocates for quality and vitality of life.

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