I love lifting, but I do not think that the “bodybuilding” Look, what should I do?

question of Fred : I love lifting, but I do not think that the “bodybuilding” Look, what do I do
I love doing it and lift heavy as drop sets and I love it, in strength, but I think people like Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cutler look GREAT. I do not like how they look and still pursue my love for raising the intensity I am interested in? I go every day for 2 hours, and take them very seriously. Incidentally, I’m not dissing bodybuilder, you are very accomplished men and women! but I’m unattractive enough as it is with the ladies, I do not need something to keep them away Best answer:.

Reply Arrr, mateys Me!
Unless you take steroids, you have nothing to fear, that extreme appearance is only achievable with massive amounts of steroids.

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Random weight lifting Tweets for Today

In the weight room lifting and starving… not a good mix lol I’m KILLING those pizza rolls when I get home. – by CCreacyWR32 (Chris Creacy #32 ©)

Getting ready to walk back home.. shower eat then rest before lifting weight with the boys. – by Bone_TheFuture (IT IS WHAT IT IS )

@zacGcarpenter @katrinadecanini gatta be motivated and want it. weight lifting is definitely not somethin you just deside to do my guy lol.. – by I_Iliev23 (ivan iliev)

Hangin out with @BrandonKeys23 after weight lifting. #greattimeby FreightTrain_25 (Sam Forsyth)

@shelby_a731 I might I’m not sure I don’t want to go today because it’s just weight lifting. I am tomorrow tho – by ak_gonzalez15 (Lysssss ♡)

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Q&A: Weight lifting: ” Is there a difference lifting light, and then adding more weight/or heavy then reducing “

Question by D J: Weight lifting: ” Is there a difference lifting light, and then adding more weight/or heavy then reducing “
This question is mainly for my bench press workout, it probaby applies to other exercises.

Is it good to start off with 180lbs, then dropping down 10lbs at a time to 170lbs, etc. ( you get the picture ) ?

Basically, what’s better starting off with light weight, and adding more, or starting off heavy, and reducing weight ?

Best answer:

Answer by pyroflame647
Starting off small and then getting heavier. Then stay with your max and lift it over and over.

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