Sexy “Chef” Cookbook Selling Like Hot Cakes, Super Fitness Model & Best Selling Author Jennifer Nicole Lee Reveals Her Feel & Look Good Eats & Treats in “Fun Fit Foodie”

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Jennifer Nicole Lee says she is on a mission to bring sexy back to the kitchen. We caught up with her at her now world famous Fitness Model Factory kitchen, where she was cooking in nothing but an apron, high heels and some racy lacey boy shorts. She donned this close to nothing get up with a theme behind the photo shoot of “You are what you eat”, stating “my point is that Im showing all my vulnerable best, as I do eat real good gourmet food yet am able to maintain my strong physique, and so many people ask me if I really do look like this all the time, or if my photos are photo shopped, so cooking in the au natural really shuts them up and sets the record straight.”

In Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fun Fit Foodie cook book, she states that there priceless key secrets that will help all look and feel their very best, while not starving. She steals some ideas from her two earlier books, “Fitness Model Diet Book” and “The Mind Body & Soul Diet Book”, as she always uses a certain fat blasting formula when creating meals. JNL says to always start “with a complex carb, combining it with a muscle feeding lean protein, add some healthy fats, and some fibrous carbs-and your body will have energy and you will glow.” From her “Goof-Proof Grab & Go Breakfast Burrito” to her super cream “Chai Cream of Wheat Topped with Walnuts” she makes sure you enjoy stick to your rib meals. With her expanding name and brand, many major food brands are now seeking out JNL to endorse and mention their products and foods in her up and coming book tour, and appearances. Her Director of Operations Mr. Claude Taylor states that “there isn’t a day that JNL doesn’t cook. She is always trying out new recipes, and our offices daily receives shipments of major food brands pitching her to endorse and represent their food labels. We are very honored that her healthy fun fit foodie message has such traction and many are seeking her out to endorse their products. JNL is passionate about what she shares with her worldwide fan base, so we are now sifting through hundreds of food pitches.”

When asked what the number one secret is to keeping her beautiful body, JNL states “women are seeking to be the most beautiful woman on earth, and its my goal to help the everyday woman feel extraordinary, even when she is cooking in the kitchen. This is the heart and soul of the Fun Fit Foodie brand!”

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I feel overwhelmed with the thought of being a “role-model” and being a sole support system for…?

Question by Ruby.: I feel overwhelmed with the thought of being a “role-model” and being a sole support system for…?
more than one person?

I’m school captain at my school, which is basically a leadership position that you get elected into based on students & teachers votes. When I was getting into it, I knew there would be aspects of being a role model but I never expected it to be this emotionally intense. I’m 16, and the age gap between grades isn’t that significant so I thought that ‘role-model’ would be an exaggerated term, but I was wrong. I went on camp with other senior leaders and with the Grade 8s in my school, it’s a tradition to welcome them to highschool, and a lot of them confided in me quickly about some really heavy stuff. I had an overwhelming amount of Facebook friend requests from people in younger grades and people asking for advice. I really did bond with some of the girls on the camp, but I feel like I’ve been forced into some cookie-cutter box because they think I’m more “perfect” than I am. One in particular is extremely sensitive and bombards me with emails and texts, and searches me out at school so that she can rant to me and that I can give her advice. I’m even getting copies of her assignments regularly emailed to me because she wants me to give my opinion on them. She said that she wishes I was her older sister and how she wants to be like me when she’s older, which is actually flattering but also makes me feel on edge. I feel like I constantly need to keep my guard up and be immune to the faults of teenagers because of the weight that they’ve put on my “perfection”. I don’t get a break to myself anymore, because I spend my lunch times volunteering within the school community and I work a part time job and like to keep up a semi-decent social life as well as fulfill family commitments. My academics are so important this year because it determines my university next year and I just can’t afford to screw up, and yet I can’t afford to let down people who have put so much of their faith and trust into me.

It’s not just the girls in younger grades that swamp me for advice and assistance, either. I began to be romantically involved with a guy before I realized it is not healthy for either of us because of his emotional baggage to his ex-girlfriend, and I couldn’t cut it off. I feel like he’s draining me emotionally because part of me wants to help him and another part of me is annoyed of his over-sensitivity. It sounds close-minded, but I’m not used to guys being more emotional than I am, and it’s not as easy to comfort them too. I’ve spent hours over the past few weeks tutoring a girl who was falling behind in her classes, listening to my best friend rant over boyfriend woes, comforting a friend who is really sick and giving advice on the side to several others. I put down everything I do just to come to other people’s aid. And I know some people really appreciate it, and others don’t so it’s a frustrating situation for me to be in.

Can you offer me any advice or support? I’m stressed out with exams that go for hours tomorrow, and I’m running a fitness session at lunchbreak for the younger grades that I’m totally not prepared for right now and I’m taking on someone else’s shift for work. I don’t think I’m a pushover at all, and I can be blunt and state my opinion on matters. I don’t sugar coat it, and that’s why I don’t understand why people still keep coming back for more. I’m not a psychologist, but sometimes I feel like I have a neon light flashing towards my head that says I am.
Holy frick. Sorry for writing so much. I write more when I’m stressed out, which is evident right now……..
Oh, also btw, I don’t *mind* helping people. That’s why I have an account on Y!A to begin with. I think it’s just mainly the feeling of being swamped and not having a real outlet myself. I used to, but I’ve become very private with a lot of things and am slowly trying to burden people less with my negativity now that I’m on the other side of it.

Best answer:

Answer by Zoo
Honestly I’m people aren’t paying you to act a certain way then you shouldn’t. Keep in mind you a person with wants and needs and even if it isn’t ‘role model’ material you should fulfill them. Were all human and if someone doesn’t respect your decision then its their problem not yours. That’s all I can really say be yourself, do what you wanna do and if being a role model is really that stressful then think twice about your actions to ensure a stable conscience. Hope this helped

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