Why is the cardio setting so much harder than the “fat burn” setting on the elliptical machine?

Question by Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye: Why is the cardio setting so much harder than the “fat burn” setting on the elliptical machine?
The “fat burn” is way too easy. Did they make it that way so that fatter people don’t have a coronary?

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Answer by JayJay
It maybe a resistance thing where you need more muscle first to do the cardio setting.

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The No- equipment cardio workout

The No- equipment cardio workout
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Weight Training vs. Cardio: The Exercise Hierarchy

Weight Training vs. Cardio: The Exercise Hierarchy
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What cardio machine at the gym is best for losing weight?

Question by ~Tim~: What cardio machine at the gym is best for losing weight?
I know cardio is the most important part of a workout for losing weight, buy which cardio machine is best? My gym has treadmills, elypticals, crosstrainers, and bikes. Which would be the best for general weight loss?

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Answer by Belated
Depending on what you are physically able to do almost all the machines are good. Including weight training machines. You need to build muscle to burn fat which helps speed up the metabolism. Which helps tremendously with weight loss. However the best cardio machines are the elliptical and treadmill if you do HIIT on the treadmill. Good luck.

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