Natural Medical Introduces New Sugar Free, Low Calorie Liquid Protein Shot

American Fork, UT (PRWEB) 5 January 2012

Natural health care, a supplement store that valuable vitamins and minerals in all areas of natural medicine offers, has introduced a liquid protein supplement to its inventory. The new protein supplement is in liquid form to enhance absorption and shakes the dispute and the production of powders.


Gold Liquid Protein is a protein-berry flavored shot. It is low in calories and sugar-free, with only 60 calories per serving, 1 ounces It differs from whey protein, as it used to fruit enzymes break the proteins into a protein willing to absorb.

liquid protein shot is ideal for those seeking a non-supplementing measured. The convenient and easy to take with you on the go, says Jason Mac Media Relations Manager of Natural health care. The rapid absorption makes it ideal for athletes to quickly restore protein content or individuals looking for a supplement to a weight loss plan.

each provide gold Liquid Protein Shot contains 15 grams of enzyme hydrolyzed collagen protein. Hydrolyzed Collagen is a good source to complement weight loss plans and restore protein content, as it has many of the essential amino acids. Proteins and amino acids are recognized as the most satiating macronutrient.

individuals may want to take liquid protein for different purposes. Many use it to get extra protein while on their weight loss plans. Some use protein supplements to ensure they are getting enough protein in their daily diet. Protein deficiency can lead to problems such as muscle deterioration, thinning hair, loss of healthy tissue to name a few.

If you’re looking for

a great tasting, convenient, no mess-protein supplementation, provision of Gold Liquid Protein could be your answer, Jason said. Use it after your workout to restore protein and amino acids or as a daily supplement to get protein in your daily diet to which upright. Receive the right amounts of protein are probably the best step to protect against protein deficiency.

The recommended use is a shot of liquid (1 ounce) immediately following a work or a day or two shots as a supplement. Natural Medical Supply sells supplements online at their supplemental memory.

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Natural Health care is a herbal vitamin and nutritional supplement companies sell. Our goal is to deliver the best possible products for the highest level of quality of life through our proprietary products. We are fast becoming the leaders and pioneers of nutrition in the U.S., we have built an excellent reputation and loyal list of customers.

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